Ability One

AbleForce is a proud member of the Ability One network. The AbilityOne Program is a federal initiative to help people who are blind or have other significant disabilities find employment by working for nonprofit agencies that sell products or services to the U.S. Government. More than 600 nonprofit agencies work with AbilityOne, making it the largest source of employment for people who are blind or have other significant disabilities in the United States.

AbilityOne has supported the U.S. Department of Defense and federal customers for more than 70 years. Capable, reliable employees bring an exceptional, award-winning work ethic to every project.


AbleForce is also an affiliated agency of the NISH program, the National Institute for the Severely Handicapped. Established in 1974, NISH is one of two national, nonprofit agencies designated by the Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled [a federal government agency] to support nonprofit agencies participating in the AbilityOne Program.

Headquartered in Vienna, Va., NISH supports a network of more than 1,300 nonprofit agencies as well as federal customers by providing the legislative and regulatory assistance, communications and public relations materials, information technology support, engineering and technical assistance, and extensive professional training needed for successful contract management.

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